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The work shown here (unless otherwise specified) is 100% hand engraving created slowly and patiently in the finest of old-world traditions.  Engraving done in this manner, especially the most intense, elaborate and stunning work can be extremely labour intensive.  This investment of time occurs in three phases: Initially, as we discuss your project and I begin to contemplate the concept and theme of your commission, secondly, in the artistic layout phase where designs and patterns are drawn and reworked until the desired effect of harmony and balance is achieved, and finally, in the execution phase where the actual engraving is performed.  Therefore, my engraving commissions, regardless of size or complexity, are of an individual / unique nature and are priced accordingly.  Let me know your desire  and I will provide a quote which will include my fee, backlog time, an estimate of the time necessary to complete the commission and the deposit required to reserve time for your special project on my work calendar.  Once a fee for your commission has been set, I will guarantee the price quoted will not change.

*I require a non-refundable retainer fee (deposit) in order to reserve time on my working calendar.  In most instances the amount is a percentage of the overall fee.  While the retainer fee is non-refundable I will allow it to be applied to another commission of equal or greater cost in the event of a cancellation.  Final payment is due upon completion of the commission.


I enjoy unusual and interesting projects,  especially those that require the stretching and expanding of my artistic vision and technical abilities.  In the words of my father regarding creativity; "Son, you are  limited only by your imagination"! 

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cell phone 210-269-0102

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